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Benefits for Patients and
their Support Network

Benefits for Payers
and Providers



Benefits for Patients and their Support Network:

Easy and Convenient: Innovative devices using cell phone technology transmit real-time, accurate data to HealthPoints — allowing little disruption to daily life.

24/7 Communications: Professional healthcare staff reach out to patients immediately when needed — facilitating interventions at true “teachable moments.”

Supportive Relationships: Personal relationships with patients provide education and emotional support — supporting difficult lifestyle modifications.

Personal Network Integration: Network of physicians, family, others can be integrated into a patient’s care — ensuring each patient receives all the help they need.

Empowering Patients: Participation in the program provides new self-care routines — driving a patient to feel empowered and create sustainable changes in their lives.

Whole Patient View: A patient’s full set of related health issues is considered — supporting patients in whatever ways they need most.



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