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Beyond Disease Management: Understanding Behavior

Changing engrained lifestyle habits, overcoming real (and preceived) barriers to change, and instilling new healthy habits is not easy. The challenge is compounded by natural human behavioral traits:

  • Commitment & Consistency: Once behaviors are set they are hard to change
  • Immediacy: Once long past, an adverse event seems unimportant
  • Denial: It is easy to deny the significance of adverse events
  • Imperfect Episodic Memory: Once past, memory of events are distorted

These behavioral biases mean that true behavior change require on-going, immediate interventions based on real data.

HealthPoints programs provide a significant advance beyond what is provided in traditional disease management programs. Other programs contact participants based on a pre-determined schedule, rather than when interventions are actually required. HealthPoints is there in the teachable moment when real change can be made.

Educational materials provided by traditional programs are generally the same for all participants. HealthPoints, on the other hand, uses detailed data captured from daily biometric monitoring to custom tailor educational materials for each individual.

In other programs, when responses to remote monitoring are attempted, a lack of intelligent automation delays responses and makes the program resource intensive and expensive, and thus difficult to sustain. HealthPoints proprietary Medical Intelligence system automates the identification of "red flags" with fully customizable intervention protocols.

Challenges of Disease Management
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