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Heart Health

The risk factors and causes of cardiovascular disease are multiple. With this in mind, HealthPoints has multiple disease management, wellness and fitness programs which are uniquely selected and custom tailored to meet an individual’s particular needs.

The goal is to prioritize the greatest opportunities for a given participant to both hit their biggest opportunities, and provide them to chance to focus and be successful.

Utilizing HealthPoints’ proprietary system for real time monitoring and interventions, programs include:

  • Nutritional Counseling: Interactive on-line lessons are supported by behavior planning and tracking. Coaches provide education, strategies, support
  • Exercise and Physical Activity: Individual exercise plans are custom tailored, and compliance tracked via activity monitoring
  • Smoking Cessation: Short & long-term goals set based on readiness to change. Multi-pronged approach uses group/individual counseling, pharmacologic support
  • Hypertension Management: Medication & lifestyle education & support driven by real-time blood pressure monitoring & interventions
  • Lipid Management: Monitoring of approach to lipid goals supported by lifestyle & medication education and monitoring
  • Psychosocial Support: Identification and treatment of critical psychological contributors to cardiac disease (I.e., stress, depressions, anger)
  • Diabetes Management: Utilizing real-time remote monitoring of blood glucose, as well as HbA1c tracking, the focus is on interventions at “teachable moments” – training the participant to “think like their pancreas”

Over time, an individuals progress and health status are reassessed to ensure they are participating in the best-fit set of programs – both to ensure their health success, and ensure the best Return on Investment for the program payer



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