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Getting the most out of employee health programs is an on-going process. It not only requires regular employee health monitoring to ensure the most needed programs are being deployed, it also requires regular assessments of the effectiveness of current health & wellness programs.

Are current programs providing their promised return on investment? Are there opportunities to introduce new types of program – and enhance current ones – with new technologies and techniques?

The management of HealthPoints understands well the challenges of staying on top of employee health and wellness services. Having managed the Care Management and Disease Management program at United HealthCare, covering 55 million lives (the largest of its type in the US), the executive team understands the complexities and challenges of controlling costs and improving health through medical management and wellness programs.

As an outside party providing unbiased evaluations and recommendations, the HealthPoints team also has strong consulting backgrounds in a number of top-tier management consulting firms. This gives the team the experience to efficiently and effectively find the best solutions for their partners. As an additional benefit, the HealthPoints team has an extensive experience in the distinct discipline of customer service contact center management, which is critical for remote management services.



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