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Weight Management

Losing – then keeping off – excess body weight requires making fundamental lifestyle changes. This includes changing diet and exercise patterns, as well as overcoming environmental and psychological barriers to change.

Frequent monitoring of real activity is necessary to maintain the momentum of change – and make short- term changes into long-term new lifestyles.

The HealthPoints program is uniquely suited to drive long-term lifestyle change and weight loss. Through an on-line system, participants receive regular educational modules; they are queried on motivation, barriers to change, successes and challenges; and they are provided tools to plan and track physical activity and nutritional intake. Remote activity monitoring is then used to provide accurate data on activity plan compliance. Taking advantage of all this information are health coaches who provide individual feedback and support to all participants.

For participants, the program provides powerful interventions that provide the skills, knowledge, and support to make difficult lifestyle changes. Available 24/7 support improves program engagement and retention. Using the on-line program is simple and intuitive -- patients generally spend about 5 minutes per day tracking activities, and about 30 minutes once each week to complete lessons and reflect and plan the next week’s activities.

For program payers, the program provides real data on participant engagement and results to ensure a true positive return on investment.



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