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Your DM Program Results Data & What they aren't telling you: "Contacts"

If your DM management program results include metrics like, percent of base enrolled, number of "contacts" completed, participant assessments completed, volume of education material sent, and "other" efficiency measurements then your vendor is sorely missing the metrics that really matter. Why do they report these facts as important? In many cases it is the only data they can collect. Why don't they report data that speaks to your employee's health improvement? Because they can't. Even the metrics they can report usually provide you less information than is indicated by a "number"
Let's examine contacts. What does this actually represent. Is it multiple contacts to one person, or is it one contact per each enrollee. Regardless,  it is highly likely that the contact came at a time when your employee had no immediate need for a consultation, or assessment. The question to your DM vendor should be, what did my employee learn that assisted them in managing their chronic illness. Did the employee receive a meaningful real time contact based on a real time event and data? Again, likely not. For a moment let's forget about real time data. What about trended data? The problem with trended data is that it needs multiple data points to create the trend. Did your DM vendor make a "contact" based on trended data? Likely not, as the majority of DM companies can't collect multiple (read that as daily even two to three times daily) data points  for evaluation. If your vendor is only speaking with your employees once every two or three months then "contacting" them to discuss their health trend just won't happen. Your employees are contacted simply because their time was up to be contacted
So ask your vendor these important questions.
    How do you determine who to call?
    How do you determine when to call?
    How often do you speak with each employee?
    Do you have any real time data capture capabilities?
    Can you show me each employee's trended health status?
    What does my employee learn when contacted and will that change their behavior managing their chronic condition?
The answers to these important questions combined with other other key individual and group key measurements (look for our next blog) will provide the answer to the overriding question, "What has my DM program done for me lately."

Rick Boykin, Senior Vice President Operations



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