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Willpower and Dedication Aren’t Enough to Manage Diabetes

In the January 2012 issue of HealthAffairs, Sara Sklaroff wrote an incredibly personal and compelling description of her life managing her Type II Diabetes. As she so clearly demonstrates, it takes much more than just willpower and dedication to successfully manage one’s diabetes. The way the disease manifests itself is different for every individual – and changes sometime day-to-day even within the same person. Sara herself is someone who works very diligently to do everything right, but still has diabetes.
Oh boy is it hard.
The importance of constant guidance and education on an on-going and immediate - in real-time - basis is something we think about a lot in the delivery of our HealthPoints real-time disease management programs. General guidance and education that aren’t custom tailored to each individual, and are provided only periodically, are simply insufficient. (This we certainly learned while running the Disease Management program at a large health insurer). Immediate support, guidance and education is what is needed to help an individual learn to keep their health on track.
Rebecca Dubowy, Chief Medical Officer



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