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June 17, 2010: HealthPoints Featured in Educational Seminar for HR Professionals

On June 17th, a seminar by leading Dallas healthcare and HR professional was held at Baylor Hospital on the topic of "Real Time Data: Technology and the Future of Employee Health Programs". Speakers from Baylor Health System, Dallas County Community Colleges, the Center for Innovation at the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, and HealthPoints discussed key technology trends affecting corporate health programs.

Critical areas of technology discussed included: technologies to collect key biometric and other health data, communications options to better target and reach employees with health needs, information systems to make more efficient and effective interventions for employees as well as to more robustly measure return on investment

An integrated system utilizing these key pieces of technology was discussed.

Sanofi-Aventis sponsored the event and all proceeds were donated to Baylor's Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute.

HealthPoints has been working with DHWI to develop their technology strategy and will be assisting them in implementing technologies for their South Dallas community outreach efforts, as well as integrating their information systems to allow DHWI to provide best in class clinical care and measure clinical outcomes from their programs.


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