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July 29, 2010: HealthPoints a Tech Titans Finalist

HealthPoints, Inc of Dallas, TX has been recognized as a finalist in the Tech Titans Awards for 2010.

The Tech Titans Award is presented by the Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC), designed to showcase the most cutting-edge technologies and the brightest talent emerging from the North Texas region.

Founded in 1994, the MTBC is a non-profit organization composed of approximately 300 members that include technology businesses and providers from across the DFW metroplex. The MTBC produces numerous events, including the Management in High-Tech Luncheon Series, the Technical Luncheon Series, Tech Week in Austin and the Tech Titans and Fast Tech Awards.

HealthPoints is a data and technology-driven disease management company that provides real-time, remote monitoring, education and support to improve health and lower healthcare costs for individuals with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and congestive heart failure. HealthPoints leverages easy-to-use wireless monitoring devices and health information technology that captures and analyzes vital health metrics (such as blood glucose levels for diabetics). This information is available and analyzed real-time to enable remote professional health coaches and nursing staff to proactively interact with those in need as well as provide individuals with input as to how their actions have impacted their condition and how they can promote or prevent these actions in the future



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