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December 10, 2010: Dallas Business Journal Special Report - 2011 Industry Outlook.

Industry leaders from diverse segments of the North Texas economy shared their thoughts with the DBJ on what to expect in 2011.

“I expect a slightly improving economy. We’re starting to see some signs of it from inquiries (about using our disease-management services) from a number of employers that we work with ... I don’t (expect a double-dip), but I think the growth we’re going to see will be very slow. I think it will be continued economic malaise ... I think we’re going to see a pickup in M&A activity, driven by the fact that a lot of large corporations significantly cut back on (research and development). Because of that, they’re behind the curve (on developing new technologies) ... Rather than develop it, I think they’re going to start buying it. We will see some players in our industry bought up as a result of it.”

—Mark Lambright | CEO, HealthPoints Inc.


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