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Fall 2011 Webinar: How to Make your DM Provider Squirm: Demand Better Metrics

Having run the care and disease management services at UnitedHealth Group (the largest such operation in the country touching 1.2 million lives annually) our team is very familiar with how data is used to measure program performance. This data shows a lot, but often hides a lot as well. We are thus often asked by company executives: we have a DM program here for our employees, but what is our DM program data really telling us? What is it not telling us? What should it be telling us? How can we use this knowledge to better negotiate contracts with our DM vendor?

In this webinar, HealthPoints executives provided some insights into how DM vendors use, don’t use, and should use your data – and provide ideas for how you can make your DM providers squirm during negotiations and program evaluations.


Mark Lambright, CEO HealthPoints and formerly senior executive of UnitedHealth Group’s Care and DM Services

Rebecca Dubowy, Chief Medical Officer of HealthPoints

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