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HealthPoints Overview: Provides an overview of the HealthPoints Data Driven Disease Management approach.

HealthPoints Brochure: Provides details on the HealthPoints Data Driven Disease Management program offerings.

The Diabetes-Sleep Link: Research and our experience shows that sleep can be as important as what you eat for controlling diabetes

Disease Management 2.0: Why Traditional Disease Management has Failed:Presentation to BioDFW, the leading organization promoting the health and biosciences industry in North Texas

Preparing for DM Negotiations: Provides advice for employers evaluating and negotiating with new or existing DM providers. Advice includes how to assess - and question - program performance data.

Primer on the Prochaska Model of Behavioral Change: Summary of this well established method of supporting behavioral change and its implications on Disease Management program design.

Review of Traditional Disease Management Companies: Provides a holistic overview of the types of disease management programs available in the market today: their pros, cons and differences from an "ideal" solution given research on disease progression and human behavioral tendencies.

Weight Management Program Research & Support: Provides details on the research demonstrating the effectiveness of the HealthPoints program to both help participants lose weight and to delay the onset of diabetes in pre-diabetics.

What is the Hard Return on Employee Wellness? Harvard Business Review publication discussing research supporting the value of employee wellness programs.




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